Who we are

We are Christ-following leaders who have a passion for pouring into the lives of the leaders of Christian ministries so that they can be all that God has called them to be.

For more than twenty years, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Missions Development International has built trusting relationship with leaders from 16 countries and across the United States and walked with them to help navigate the challenges of leading ministries and living out the call that God has placed on their lives.

Whether directing an inner-city ministry in Franklin, Tennessee, reaching teenagers with the Gospel in Kiev, Ukraine, or caring for orphans in Jinja, Uganda, leaders need encouragement, equipping resources and Godly counsel to be effective. Just as Moses had Aaron and Hur to help hold his arms up while leading the battle, MDI comes alongside leaders to help strengthen their service so they are able to further the Kingdom.


Why we serve

Ministry leaders directly impact so many people around the world, yet there is a significant lack of support for them. This void has led to incredibly high burnout rates: 70% of leaders regularly consider leaving the ministry,1 80% of ministry leaders feel unqualified and discouraged in their role and 70% constantly fight depression.2 By investing in ministry leaders, MDI is investing in these ministries’ futures and the lifetimes of God-created possibilities for each leader.

In addition, we know that regardless of sector of society, those in top leadership positions feel isolated and alone. Whether in a Fortune 500 CEO, a senior pastor of a church, a head coach, or the Executive Director of a ministry, leadership can be lonely. We strive to help break down walls and engage leaders in trusting relationships.

What we do

Missions Development International provides mentoring, consulting, and equipping resources to ministry leaders - at no cost - to help them thrive! We do this through relationships, events, and a variety of tools. Together, God continually uses these to transform lives.

How we do it

The core of our ministry involves a team of MDI volunteer mentors coming alongside a leader to build a trusting relationship to provide mentoring and consulting. By providing counsel for organizational issues like board development, strategic planning and fundraising plans as well as a safe place to talk through personal issues, we have seen God transform lives. You can learn more about our Mentoring and Consulting here.

In addition, we provide equipping resources across many platforms. We host events, small gatherings, share tools in our online resource library, distribute articles through social media, and have a lending library where leaders can come borrow a book to help with her/his growth. Regardless of the medium or mechanism, these are all intended to help leaders grow into all that God has called and equipped them to be.

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