Our Mission

MDI believes in impacting the Kingdom by mentoring, equipping and consulting with Christian leaders and their ministries, who have the potential to transform their cultures.

Our Vision

MDI’s vision is to see ministry leaders thriving.

What sets us apart?

MDI is known for being Spirit-led, trusted, compassionate, strategic, invested and intentional. It is through these bedrocks that we serve ministry leaders. We believe God has strategically placed leaders around the world to care for His people and many of these leaders are isolated in their circumstances and lack access to resources. MDI builds trusting relationships with these leaders by coming alongside them to mentor, consult and equip them to achieve God's calling on their lives.

Key Distinctives

We rely on God for His leadership and His direction.

We commit to pray for our Leader Clients.

We value the Leader before the Ministry.

We individualize our work in response to the Leader’s current situation.

We believe that patience is key and not to hurry the mentoring process, but wait on God’s timing.

We work in teams just as Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs. We believe this gives our leaders a broader perspective to pull from in the mentoring process.

Core Values

Transformation - MDI believes that God's transforming power in the life of a leader transforms not only that leader but also their family, their ministry, their culture and the World to His likeness.

Kingdom Impact - MDI believes in impacting the Kingdom by promoting the life transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God’s Calling - MDI believes that God's calling is the basis of decision making.

Identify and Develop Strategic Leaders - MDI believes in God's leading to identify and develop strategic leaders who have the potential to transform their cultures.

Investing in Leaders - MDI believes in investing time, energy and resources in leaders to develop them to their fullest potential.

Long Term Vision - MDI believes that strategic planning and long-term vision are essential to sustaining growth in ministry.

Safe Place - MDI believes that every leader needs a safe place to turn for personal advice and spiritual accountability. Without such, leaders often become isolated within their own ministries.

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