Coach Your Champions

Is your Christian nonprofit or church struggling financially? Do you find yourself saying, “If only we could find a few more givers with deep pockets to help us make budget?” It’s an understandable sentiment. But the Bible holds a totally different approach to major donor development – one completely counter to the secular fundraising approach ministries have been taught they must practice.

In this nuts and bolts nonprofit fable, you’ll learn how:

God has already sent your organization all the major donors you need.
Major donors are about more than big gifts; they’re champions awaiting your coaching to make a comprehensive difference in your cause.
Each and every person who comes to your ministry is sent as a gift and challenge from God – and God is holding you accountable to grow each one to their fullest potential.

As you set aside the secular shackles you’ve unwittingly placed on your Christian development program, you’ll lower the barriers to meaningful involvement in your cause while raising the bar for what you can expect from your ministry’s champions – all while having a lot more fun in fundraising.

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