The ABC's of Taking Inventory

The ABC's of Taking Inventory

As an MDI Mentor, you will be taking inventory as you start out a mentoring relationship, and then during and throughout Integrated Mentoring and Consulting. It is a process that never stops. A leader comes to MDI with a problem or situation that he or she feels that MDI could help them with. We could sit down with that leader and help solve the problem. But that is not what we do. Instead, we start asking questions, lots of leading questions. We ask about the leader as well as the organization. We are trying to develop the whole picture, the context, that the original problem that the leader came to MDI with, falls into. We are not in a rush to solve that problem, though it will get solved, because we want to truly get to know the leader, to build trust, to see the whole.

We want to provide insight and wisdom so that MDI Mentors understand the many layers and nuances of ministry leadership. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this training module, please contact Marti Scudder at and Steve Lorenz at

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Learn how and why Asking good questions is an important part of building a trusting and successful MDI Mentoring Relationship.

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