MDI's LENS on Operations and Staffing

The MDI Lens on Operations & Staffing

No matter what kind of ministry leader you are walking alongside as an MDI Mentor, Operations & Staffing will always be an area of focus for ministry leaders. From knowing how to create an effective and inspiring work culture, empowering your staff, writing job descriptions, or hiring a new position, your leader needs to be equipped to thrive when working in operations or staffing of their organization. Throughout this training, we explore the many facets of operations & staffing so that you can be sensitized and equipped to ask the right questions while leaders are making meaningful decisions that will influence their organizations. 

Here at MDI, we want to equip you with the tools to be knowledgeable and proficient to work with your clients through issues regarding Operations & Staffing. We will continue to refine, update, and add to this training module so that you are prepared for any challenges regarding this topic that might come your way.

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Download the Handouts



Download this training guide to navigate through Operations and Staffing issues with your leader-client.



Use MDI's Organizational Chart as an example when working with your leaders through challenges in staffing and operations.



Download this template for your leader-client to use this as a basis when writing a job description for a potential hire.



Download this sheet for quick timecode references for the different sections of this training video.

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