This is what MDI stands for. We want to see ministry leaders all over the world
thriving in their leadership, in their relationships, in their ministry and in their love for God

Our Mission

Missions Development International believes in impacting the Kingdom by mentoring, equipping and
consulting with Christian leaders and their ministries, who have the potential to transform their cultures.

Leadership Resources

At Missions Development International, our goal is to see leaders thrive. We believe that God has placed ministry leaders to transform cultures all over the world for His glory. Many of these leaders are isolated in their circumstances and lack access to resources to aid them in their work. While MDI is deliberate to build trusting relationships with these leaders, we are also committed to providing practical skills and knowledge that can ease some of the hardship in ministry.

For this reason, we have created and accumulated useful resources that will provide insight, knowledge, and practical implementation tips for ministry leaders. These range from board development, burnout prevention, spiritual dryness, fundraising help, and more. We are continually researching and creating additional articles to provide invaluable skills in an easily accessed location. Click our leadership resources page to learn more!


Give To MDI

Your support helps to equip leaders around the world who are building the Kingdom of God. By financially investing in Missions Development International, you enable us to relationally invest in their growth, development, and vitality. You make it possible for leaders to thrive.

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