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New Mentor Onboarding

Welcome to the MDI team! We are so grateful for the commitment you've made to support ministry leaders by becoming an MDI Mentor. For more than 21 years, because of our skilled and diverse mentor team, we have been able to serve more than 150 leaders all over the world. By coming alongside leaders, we mentor, consult, and equip these individuals so that they can thrive and when they are thriving, the people they are serving can be transformed.

As you learn more about being an MDI Mentor, we want to continually support and equip you with all that you need to feel confident in your leader-client relationships. Here are some important materials for you to review as you begin onboarding and prepare for your Mentor Orientation.

Download the Handouts



Follow along for this comprehensive Mentor Training Manual.


Download this book Transformational Mentoring written by Co-Founders and Co-Directors of Mentoring & Consulting.


Download these instructions for MDI's Note Sharing System.

Watch the VideosĀ 


We will continue to provide resources to equip you for some of the challenges you will face when working with leaders. As you begin your journey as an MDI Mentor, please feel free to contact Marti Scudder at or Steve Lorenz at

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